Deadline passed for Federal benefit recipients to go paperless


The government says they won't be cut off from their benefits; yet.   But to keep benefits coming people must act quickly.
Like many seniors Kay in Sapulpa relies on her Social Security check each month to get by.
So when one of her checks was stolen from her mailbox she says   "It was just something, i was depending on it, and it just wasn't there." 
The Social Security Administration says that's one reason for the switch to paperless; which Kay has now done.   In addition to better security it's also a money saver.   Treasury officials say a mailed check costs the government 92 cents more than a payment made by electronic transfer.
March 1, 2013 was the deadline for recipients to arrange to either receive their money by direct deposit or a prepaid debit card.  Payments from other federal programs are included like Veteran Affairs and Supplemental Security Income.
Those who missed the deadline will still receive a paper check this month (March 2013) but to continue receiving benefits in April new, paperless, arrangements must be in place.
You can call (800) 333-1795 or visit
Those who don't make the change themselves may be contacted by the Treasury Department or receive their next payment via a prepaid card.
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