Making a Difference: Charity helping firefighter fight cancer

Firefighter Barry Ingram loves showing off his life-saving equipment at the Owasso fire station.

Unfortunately he hasn't used any of it in almost five months, because this man who's used to helping others, now needs help himself.

Barry is battling cancer.

"Frustrating. Very lonely.  Very depressing.  Feel like I'm missing out on life," said Barry.

A cancerous mole on his back led to a cancerous tumor in a lymph node

That led Barry to MD Anderson in Houston, for a high voltage jolt of chemotherapy.

"It was very miserable," said Barry.

It also wasn't cheap.  The costs for his flights to Houston were piling up.

Luckily, one woman brought some help -- Amy Bell, the founder of a cancer support charity called Go Bald or Go Home.

"We just decided to insert bald instead of big," said Amy laughing.

The charity holds various sporting events to raise money for people battling cancer.

For Barry, they put together a charity basketball game.

"Tons of people there," said Barry.  "They all clapped for me."

"I want him to be cancer free," said Amy. "So whatever it takes to get him there."

That basketball game raised 35-hundred dollars to pay for Barry's trips to Houston.

Now he's cancer free, thanks in part to a charity with a funny name, determined to make a difference.

And if you would like to learn more about this charity go to

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