Big ambulance bill shocks Tulsa couple

TULSA - Wanda enjoys getting some fresh air with her husband, especially after having breathing problems several weeks ago.

Problems so severe Earl called 911 for an ambulance to take Wanda to the hospital.

But they were surprised when they got this $950 ambulance bill.
"I can't afford to pay all my bills the way it is," Wanda said.
Wanda and Earl say they couldn't understand the bill, because they pay that monthly TotalCare fee on their Tulsa utility bill they say is supposed to cover EMSA service.

The problem? When they called 911, another nearby service was sent to pick up Wanda.

Here's what Wanda says she was told when she contacted EMSA to ask why.
"Sometimes we get busy and we have to have help, but I think they should pay their help that comes out, the other ambulance, I think they should pay them."
Eventually, Wanda called the 2NEWS Problem Solvers and we got in touch with EMSA.

A representative looked into the situation and found out the problem started during the 911 call, and ended up not having anything to do with EMSA being busy.

The dispatcher apparently transposed a number in the address, which caused the other ambulance service to be sent to pickup Wanda.

Since Wanda and Earl are covered under the TotalCare program, EMSA says it's paying the bill.


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