Beware of fraudulent Microsoft Windows workers; hold on to your information -- and your money

TULSA - Many computers use Windows to operate.
And that Windows operating system is the common theme running through the calls we've received from viewers.

Paul told us, "A person called saying he was from Windows and that they had detected a problem with our computer. He said I needed to change some settings."

Other viewers told us they were told the caller needed to take remote control of their computer to make repairs or they needed to pay for the repairs.
Unfortunately another viewer paid $295 over the phone.

Experts say never give any personal or financial information to anyone who calls you out of the blue.

And unless you're the one who made contact to have your computer repaired remotely, don't give control to anyone you can't verify and trust.

If you do, they can infect your computer with viruses that can steal your information -- and your money.

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