Avoid sticker shock when buying a car

It's one of the largest purchases most people make and you want to be sure a salesperson doesn't, as it's referred to in the industry,  "hit a homerun" when you buy.
Jim turned to us when it happened to his stepson.  
He says, "My stepson bought a new truck and the sticker price was $19,000.  By the time it was financed and some add-ons the grand total is more than $43,000 by the time it's paid off."
An examiner with the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit  says when buying a car read the contract closely and if you're considering add-ons like undercoat, an off-road package or special paint research what those would cost independent of the dealer.  
Sometimes those extras come at an inflated price at the time you buy.
If you feel you've been steered into a bad car deal you can turn to the department for help by filing a complaint on the OKDOCC  website or call (405) 521- 3653.
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