New development in a story about routine car maintenance resulting in major damage

"Really loud lurching noise and I could feel it engaging and disengaging."   Timothy Tyner describes the total transmission failure in his Nissan Murano following service at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change shop in Rogers, Arkansas.
Tyner says   "They put this fluid in, my car is inoperable because of it."
Both the work invoice and an email from the Valvoline shop's owner acknowledge the wrong transmission fluid was used.   Even though right on a part in the Murano it states use only Nissan CVT fluid.
At different times both the owner, Michael Hudson, and Valvoline corporate said there was a $1,500 offer to Tyner on the table but the money never came.
Tyner says   "I got a lot of lip service.  But I didn't get anybody that was willing to put some actions behind their words."
That changed when the folks at Bob Moore Nissan in Tulsa heard about Timothy's problem; stepping up to be a business that's part of the solution after Timothy says he'd nearly given up following his Valvoline experience.
J.R. Romine of Bob Moore Nissan says   "Oh, no, that wasn't fair at all.  That's why we decided to talk to him.  We costed out the parts and absorbed the labor for him so we can make it fairly reasonable for him."  
Tyner remembers the call   "For a second I was just speechless because, it was such, I felt this relief of burden."
Now Tyner's Murano is repaired at a fraction of the cost he originally faced and rolling off the Bob Moore lot good as new.

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