4 steps to filing a successful insurance claim


Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak says it's the steps are done in order.
The White family in Tulsa knows it only takes a split second for disaster to strike.   David White says  "Hear a crack and then all of a sudden there's a tree coming through the roof."
Mother Nature tends to strike hard around here.
Commissioner Doak has seen it first hand   "In Oklahoma I've walked up to homes that there's nothing but a driveway.   It's really a time of grief."
When the 2007 ice storm made part of a large tree part of the White family home he took all the right steps.
First calling  his insurance agent.
Second finding a contractor to make temporary repairs to prevent more damage 
David says that part wasn't easy  "He finds somebody brave enough to get on the roof and cover it with tarp because there's still a lot of ice overhead that could literally drop and literally kill somebody."
Doak says while going through the process keep track of every receipt and every dime you spend.  Whether it's temporary repairs or housing  "Keep all those receipts because all of those would then go, be applied, toward that consumer's deductible."
Step three, find trusted, local contractors to make the permanent repairs.
The fourth step is getting paid and realize you may receive several checks.   If you have a mortgage the money for structural damage may be payable to you and your lender.
White says keeping contact information for your insurance agent and a record of all your valuables handy in two, different, locations is key    "I think the biggest problem is we all hear about this happening to other people but we take that attitude of, oh, poor them, but it didn't happen to me.   And we don't prepare."

Click here to get the printable home inventory file from the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

The Department does offer consumer assistance online or you can call: 1 (800) 522-0071
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