Oklahoma congressmen Markwayne Mullin, Tom Coburn won't take government shutdown money

In the midst of a federal standstill and a perpetual freefall of the American people's confidence in its government, two Oklahoma legislators took notable stances Tuesday.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Westville, declared he would be refusing his salary as long as the federal shutdown remains in effect. Instead, the money the Oklahoma's District 2 representative would have been paid will be returned to the U.S. Treasury Department, according to Mullin.

The first-time congressman and hard-line Republican issued a statement announcing his intent early Tuesday morning:

"Unfortunately we find ourselves in the worst case scenario of a government shutdown. There were many attempts to avoid this outcome, but this administration and Senate leadership refused to listen to the American people and come to a responsible agreement.

"As a business owner, you are always the last to get paid. In the case of a government shutdown, I will operate no different. All of my team members will be deemed essential and continue working in order to respond to the numerous calls we are receiving from our constituents.  In order to off-set the cost of deeming each member of my team essential, I will return back to the treasury any of my pay received while the government is shut down.

"My team works diligently to represent Oklahoma's Second Congressional District. We will operate under this course of action until a funding agreement is reached and the federal government is reopened."

The Shutdown: What's affected, what's not   (http://bit.ly/GzwJXq)

Sen. Tom Coburn also decided to give up his salary accrued during the shutdown, telling CNN Tuesday night he would give his pay to charity.

Coburn called out both Democrats and Republicans on the CNN show "Crossfire," saying both parties had a hand in the shutdown and should have seen it coming.

Mobile users can see part 1 here -- http://youtu.be/dntVh41q-B4 -- and part 2 here -- http://youtu.be/ExAQ6ePD4o8.

Mullin and Coburn, each of which are projected to make $174,000 in 2013, are the only Oklahoma representatives of yet to offer up Congressional pay.

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More than 50 other lawmakers have made similar pledges, according to the Washington Post, and a bill is making its way through a Congressional committee that would withhold the pay of members of Congress during periods of shutdown, though it's prospects are unclear.

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Calls to the offices of congressmen Jim Bridenstine, Frank Lucas, Tom Cole and James Lankford were not immediately returned.

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