Former Tulsa City Councilor Bill Christiansen does about face, endorses Kathy Taylor for mayor

Former Mayor Kathy Taylor is now being endorsed by former candidate Bill Christiansen in Tulsa's mayoral race.

That announcement was made Wednesday at downtown's VFW Post.

Back in June, Christiansen endorsed current Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

The one-time mayoral candidate said he's "learned a lot more things about the Bartlett administration" since the campaign began and offered two reasons in particular for the change of heart: a perceived divided attention as Bartlett continues to run his oil company and his record with the city's money.

"On Sept. 19, I stood up and said I couldn't support Dewey Bartlett for mayor because of his fiscal irresponsibility and lack of accountability and transparency," said Christiansen, "Sadly, since I made that statement, we have seen that irresponsibility and lack of accountability become much worse – his refusal to address the over $5 million deficit is just the latest example of his inability to lead our city."

Tulsa residents will head to the ballot box Nov. 12 to decide on the city's next mayor.

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