Yarnell, Arizona wildfire: Couple recovers lost wedding ring sifting through ashes of burned home

YARNELL, Ariz. - Many Yarnell families are spending their days sifting through the ashes of their burned homes looking for anything left behind.

Several residents lost everything when a windblown wildfire overcame the small town.

Most are trying to figure out what to do next. They are trying to understand why some homes made it and others didn't. 

One couple was able to find some happiness from all of their charred remains. 

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The McCracken family lost everything. And Patti McCracken thought she lost her wedding ring, but her daughter found it buried in the rubble. Her husband took the ring and proposed to her again after 50 years of marriage.

People still have so many questions about where to go from here. Most of the community says they are ready to rebuild.

For information on how to help Arizona fire victims, visit http://bit.ly/helpariz.

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