'Show Your Joe': Kmart's Jingle Bells commercial shows men jiggling their boxers to ring bells

With racy ads like Big Gas Savings and Ship Your Pants, 2013 has been the year of tongue-in-cheek commercials for Kmart. Now the company has released it's latest ad, "Show Your Joe," which has the retail store sticking to its formula of a shock and awe for the holidays.

Instead of the typical end-of-year commercials that give us the warm and fuzzies, Kmart's latest commercial, entitled "Show Your Joe," features six men who appear to be dressed in tuxedos sitting behind a table, playing a Christmas jingle with hand bells. It seems mundane enough until the table slides out of view and each man is wearing a pair of colorful Joe Boxers.

To up the ante, the hand bells disappear, and the men begin to play jingle bells by shaking their hips "ringing."

It's only been posted since Friday, but thousands of people have already flocked to social media and the web to weigh in on the risqué version of "Jingle All The Way."

Whether people find it cute or offensive, no one can deny that it's got people talking.

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