Ohio school shooter T. J. Lane wears 'KILLER' T-shirt, gives middle finger to courtroom

CHARDON, Ohio -- A brazen T. J. Lane sported a T-shirt with "KILLER" handwritten on it and gave family members of his victims the middle finger Tuesday during his sentencing for a deadly shooting in February 2012 at an Ohio high school.

Eighteen-year-old Lane was sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole for three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted aggravated murder and one count of felonious assault.

Lane, not handcuffed but surrounded by deputies, smirked and laughed as families of the victims told heartbreaking stories about how they found out the teen killed their loved ones.

"You're evil," said Nick Walczak's mother to Lane.

Walczak was paralyzed from the shooting.

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Lane pleaded guilty last month to murdering three Chardon High School students. Daniel Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin, both 16, and Russell King Jr., 17, were killed in the shooting.

"I want him to suffer the rest of his life, like I will suffer the rest of my life without Danny," said Parmertor's mother, calling Lane a "pathetic excuse for a human."

Lane was not eligible for the death penalty because he was 17 when he committed the shootings.

Read more on Lane's courtroom behavior: http://bit.ly/ZXMc7h.

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