Norman the wonder dog attempts Guinness World Record for longest unassisted scooter ride by dog

CANTON, Ga. -- Norman the wonder dog has a few tricks up his furry sleeve.

Norman puts his dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  He fetches food from the fridge.  When he takes a drink of water, he wipes his mouth on a towel.  And when he needs a little exercise he hops on a bike, but none of these is Norman's most unique talent.

Norman, a 3-year-old French sheep dog, is in training to set a Guinness World Record by riding a scooter 98 feet -- unassisted.

"It was amazing," said Ferrell Wilkerson.

Wilkerson had to stop his car when he saw Norman cruising down the street, fur waving in the wind.

Wilkerson was on his phone when he first laid eyes on Norman.

"I told him there was a dog riding a scooter," he said.  "He thought I was crazy."

It's a staggering site to see Norman up on his hid legs, to watch him sling his big paws over the handle bars and push off like a kid itching for some speed.

"I think he likes to be able to stand up and move and move quickly," said Karen Cobb, Norman's owner.

Cobb says Norman has loved scooters since he was a pup, and she nurtured that love along with all his other abilities.

On Friday, Norman will see if he's Guinness material.

"The official record is 30 meters on scooter by dog, 30 meters in 30 seconds," she said.  "I never want to jinx myself but I'm hoping that we set it without any problems."


Information from WXIA in Atlanta.

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