Missing Cleveland woman Amanda Berry to 911: 'I've been missing 10 years. I'm here. I'm free'

CLEVELAND - Just before 6 p.m. Monday, Amanda Berry, who was missing for 10 years, made a frantic call to 911.

Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight were found in a home on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland. They ran across the street to a neighbor to call for help. The dispatcher urged Berry and the other women to remain at the neighbor's home.

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Read the transcript below or click the video player to listen.

Caller: Help me, I'm Amanda Berry.
Dispatch: Do you need police, fire or ambulance?
Caller: I need police.
Dispatch: What's going on there?
Caller: I've been kidnapped. I've been missing 10 years. I'm here. I'm free now.
Dispatch: OK, what's your address?
Caller: 2207 Seymour Avenue.
Dispatch: 2207 Seymour. It looks like you're calling me from 2210.
Caller: I can't hear you.
Dispatch: It looks like you're calling from me 2210.
Caller: I went across the street. I'm using the phone.
Dispatch: Stay there with those neighbors, talk to the police with the police when they get there.
Caller: OK.
Dispatch: OK, talk to the police when they get there.
Caller: OK, hello?
Dispatch: Yeah, talk to the police when they get there.
Caller: OK. Are they on their way right now? I need them now.
Dispatch: We're going to as soon as we get a car open.
Caller: I need them now because he gets back.
Dispatch: We're sending them, OK?
Caller: OK. I need…
Dispatch: Who's the guy (inaudible). Who the guy who went out?
Caller: His name is Ariel Castro.
Dispatch: How old is he?
Caller: Ugh, he's like 52.
Dispatch: Alright, and uh…
Caller:  I'm Amanda Berry. I've been on the news for the last 10 years.
Dispatch: OK I got, I got that.
Dispatch: And you said, what was his name again?
Caller: Ariel Castro.
Dispatch: And is he white, black or Hispanic?
Caller: Hispanic.
Dispatch: What's he wearing?
Caller: I don't know because he's not here right now.
Dispatch: When he left what was he wearing?
Dispatch: OK, the police are on their way. Talk to them when they get there. OK. Talk to them when they get there.

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