Woman sentenced to 30 days in jail after community service absence escapes after leaving courthouse

PRYOR, Okla. - Mayes County deputies are searching for a woman Monday who, only moments after receiving a 30-day jail sentence, escaped from her handcuffs and out of sight of authorities.

Laurin Lemley, 28, received the sentence after failing to appear for community service related to past drug and driving charges.

But Lemley, described as "thin" by Mayes County Sheriff Mike Reed, managed to slip out of her cuffs while being walked from the courthouse to the jail. 

Deputies searched for Lemley, who court records show has a Tulsa P.O. box, for hours and believe she may have gotten away in a car at some point.

As of Tuesday morning authorities were searching for Lemley in neighboring Rogers County.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Mayes County Sheriff's Office at (918) 825-3535.

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