Westminster Apartments owes more than $43,000 in water bills, Tulsa threatens to shut off service

TULSA - A lot of Tulsans have been without power the last few days. Now residents at a large apartment complex are worrying they could be without water soon.

People at Westminster Apartments came home to a notice from the city of Tulsa saying that their complex has a past due water bill of $26,004.82, and a total bill of $43,421.50.

If it isn't paid, the pipes could be shut off on August 1.

"I was like 'wow!' The first is any day now," said Angela Thomas, a Westminster resident. "It is coming soon and I was just trying to figure out what was going on. We were just discussing it together that it is not fair for our water to get cut off."

Residents might not feel that it is fair, but if the past due water bill isn't paid, the city of Tulsa told 2News Friday that it will have to cut off water service, impacting more than 460 units.

The city has told residents that the notice is very real, but the apartment's management isn't handling the notice well, residents have said.

"You have the office management telling you one thing, then you have the city telling you another - its confusing," Chasity Allums said. "They aren't giving us [any] explanation at all. They put a sign on the door today with a big 'X' across this sign saying, 'disregard the notice.'"

The sign on the management's door Friday read, "Water notice is not for this property. This is a discrepancy on their end. Please disregard. Your water will not be shut off."

2News confirmed with the city that the notice is in fact for Westminster Apartments.

When 2NEWS contacted the apartment manager, we were first told to not worry about it and then later asked to leave the property.

Later management said a check had been written for the full amount and would be handed over to the city of Tulsa on Monday,  avoiding any water being shut off.

Westminster's management also told 2News that they've had problems getting the city to update their corporate office's billing address, after it moved between Indiana and Ohio. They claim they have made requests multiple times.

Westminster's management contend that caused the billing problem.

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