Victims' mother reacts to arrests in Fairmont Terrace quadruple murders

TULSA - Family members of the victims involved in the quadruple homicide at the Fairmont Terrace are speaking out about the arrests made in the case.

Tulsa police announced the arrests of James and Cedric Poore Wednesday.  The brothers are expected to be charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

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Twin sisters Kayetie Melchor and Rebeika Powell were two of the victims.

Their mother, Charon, tells 2NEWS she has mixed emotions about the arrests.

"It's like winning a marathon, but losing it at the same time," she said.

Powell still wants to know what may have led the men to kill her daughters.

"You tell me what could a motive be to kill four women and do it they way you did it," she said. "What motive could you have? There is no motive. You have no reason to do that."

Both Powell and Julie Jackson's family want to see the Poore brothers face the death penalty.

"I hope they put the lethal injection to them," said Clifford West, Jackson's brother. "An eye for an eye."

Both Powell and Jackson's family say they have never seen or met the Poore brothers.

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