Vet delivers calf from wounded cow in Rogers County; authorities searching for shooting suspect

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Rogers County Sheriff's deputies are searching for a suspected animal abuser.

Authorities found a cow shot northwest of Chelsea Thursday evening. Barely alive, an area veterinarian discovered the animal was pregnant.

"Our concern was obviously we didn't think the cattle would make it through it. And my next concern was, maybe we could get the calf out," said ranch manager Nathan Arnold.

The calf was able to be saved, but the cow had to be put down.

"It's very disturbing, and it's very worrisome that someone would do that from a county road or any roadway," Arnold said.

The cow's death is still under investigation. Thanks to some tips, Sheriff Scott Walton says they thought they had a person of interest in the case, but now they're following other leads.

"The beef producer takes the hit on this. And we want to send that message out there that there are people watching, even our most rural areas out here that are willing to help us," Sheriff Walton said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Rogers County Sheriff's Office at (918) 341-3620. Calls can be made anonymously.



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