University of Tulsa student's tornado 'Stay Strong Oklahomies' T-shirts take off

TULSA - A student at the University of Tulsa has turned a creative idea into a money-maker for Oklahoma tornado victims.

Heather Kinsaul came up with the "Stay Strong Oklahomies" shirt.

She's from Georgia -- Oklahoma is just her temporary home during college -- but she was moved by what she saw on TV.

Heather is sending the money raised from the shirts to Catholic charities to split between Moore, Shawnee and El Reno.

"I don't want the other regions to feel like they're forgotten," Kinsaul said Thursday. "The message kinda goes to all Oklahomans, that's the way I feel, because everything the state's been through they stick together, they support each other and I kinda wanted to do the same thing."

The shirts have become so popular she says she's already sold out of her first order. But more are on their way, and are on sale for $13 on her website --

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