Sisters start knitting project, collect scarves for Tulsa police officers

TULSA - Two little girls, armed with a class project and a little yarn, have a mission to help Tulsa cops.

"They gave me a challenge to use $1 to make an impact on somebody's life," said Savannah Eng, 10. "I decided to make scarves for police officer men and women and donate them to them so they won't be cold in the winter time."
Eng and her 8-year-old sister Madeline had already developed a love for knitting, so she took it a step further. She got the idea to help police because of an officer that helps out at her school.

"They always have to stand out and guard places for the whole time when were all inside, so they could get really cold," said Savannah.

Her mom, Cassy Eng, helped get the ball rolling.

"She got some garage sale yarn," Cassy Eng said. "As she would tell people about it, they would want to get involved and excitement kind of spread."

From Savannah's church to friends at school, even the folks at Loops -- a yarn store in Tulsa -- decided to join in.

The girls put out a donation box to house their winter bounty, and have already collected dozens of scarves.

"I'd love to put a scarf in the hands of every Tulsa police officer, I think that would be amazing," said Shelley Brander, the owner of Loops.

The girls would like to collect at least 100 scarves before the end of February.

If you'd like to get involved you can email Shelley Brander at

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