Twins laid to rest in quadruple homicide

"The girls never met anyone that wasn't family in their life," said Dixie Pebworth, the Pastor at God's Shining Light.

You could tell just how many lives they impacted by the crowd that turned out for the funeral. About 220 people attended the service on Saturday.

Kayetie Melchor and Rebeika Powell were twins, who shared more than just a birthday, they shared a passion for life.

"They were full of energy and life. They enjoyed life," said Pebworth.

A life that was cut short for the 23-year-old women, when someone shot and killed them, along with two others Misty Nunley and Julie Jackson.

It happened at a south Tulsa apartment complex on Monday.

The killer is still at large but loved ones are determined to heal.

"Love is the only thing that's going to bring healing in a situation like this," said Pebworth.

As for Amy Dacus, a friend of the family, she plans to help others heal too.

"Be there for the family. Be there for the children," she said.

Children that now will grow up without mothers, but hopefully will have justice.

"As we closed in prayer today, our prayer was that God would shine light and bring justice," said Pebworth.

Police have interviewed several people but have not made any arrests.

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