Tulsa's tree removal businesses have busiest day in 6 years after July 23, 24 storms

TULSA - Workers in the tree removal business are finally resting Tuesday night after their busiest day in six years.

Joe Kelley with Kelley Tree Service told us he hasn't taken this many calls since 2007's ice storm.

"Ten times the amount of calls we normally get, we got today. The phone might ring three times a day," Kelley said. "Today, it rang 30 times. I stopped answering at 10 a.m."

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For the calls he did answer, the Kelley team went from house to house writing up bids and even doing on the spot work. We caught up with him at his seventh stop of the day. Joe said he's taking calls in order of urgency and who needs help the most.

Joe doesn't have enough man power for all the calls nor enough equipment. He's only using to chainsaw. Kelley said, "these saws are new this morning. I had to buy them today. I had to buy new saws because yesterday they'd all been stolen."

It's a risky business that uses engineering to calculate weight, angles, and how the branches roll once they're cut. Joe's advice- first, cut everything that's not holding up weight. If not, the tree could fall and do more damage.

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Although, Tuesday's damage was to himself. Joe's slip up led him straight to the doctor with a torn tendon and 9 stitches.

He said it's it's still a good day as his service is in high demand.

Joe says if you hire a company make sure they carry general liability insurance and don't give them money until the job is done.

PHOTOS: Damage around Tulsa, Green Country (http://bit.ly/july24storm)

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