Tulsa's own Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic kick off "Center of the Universe" music festival.

Tulsa's very own Ryan Tedder performed at the first ever "Center of The Universe" music festival.

While you may not know his name, you've probably heard his songs as the lead singer of OneRepublic.

Tedder and OneRepublic are topping the charts yet again with hits like "Feel Again" and "Counting Stars".

"If the festival landed on any other day, it wouldn't have worked. I looked at the calendar and my manager called me and said- the first date of the tour is in Tulsa!"

The 34 Year old who has a Grammy under his belt still makes time for his fans. After all, he has them to thank for his other hit songs as he's written for Beyonce, Adele, and Maroon 5.

Despite touring 60 countries, the former Jenks student, still knows where home is. Not only does has he played in Tulsa many times, but OneRepublic also played at NBC's Healing in The Heartland Concert. You may remember it raised money for Moore tornado victims.

"The middle part of my adolescence, I moved to OKC. Where I lived in OKC was about 20 minutes from the tornadoes" Tedder said.

With his tour starting for their third album, Ryan Tedder, a father of a toddler, and OneRepublic, told us their career still has a lot of tunes left to play. He said, "it's always been this slow hard battle for this band. I think the people don't know what to expect when they see us as a live act. Everybody, at every show, the last two years is shocked when they see us."

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