Tulsa's mayoral candidates face off in town hall-style debate at Booker T. Washington High School

TULSA - Tulsa's mayoral candidates faced off in a town hall-style debate at Booker T. Washington High School Friday.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett and former Mayor Kathy Taylor answered questions from teachers during a moderated forum.

The issues ranged from Tulsa's debris removal plan to the city's effort to reduce crime. Topics also touched on transportation and the economy.

"I was pleased to see both candidates ready with answers and things in mind of what they wanted to do," said Booker T. Washington student Ishak Hossain.

Some students who attended the forum say they were pleased with most answers from the candidates.

"I was really excited. I think not enough students are involved in their government," said Booker T. Washington student Chelsea House.

Other students hoped to cover more topics, such as helping people in poverty and the disadvantaged. They also hoped to hear more about solutions for transportation in north Tulsa.

"I wanted to know how the partnerships can be improved. A lot of buses have been cut from Tulsa Public Schools, bussing systems and students from north Tulsa are being forced to stay in schools that aren't doing so well," said House.

The two candidates are set to face off in another debate at noon Oct. 7 at First United Methodist Church.

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