Tulsans call for renaming of Brady Arts District amid Tate Brady KKK rumors

TULSA - The controversial figure behind the naming of the Brady Arts District is drawing criticism for his possible connection to the Ku Klux Klan.

A group of members are calling for the district to be renamed.

"We have to decide what is our next move and what is the right thing to do," said Rob Fleischman, president of the Brady Arts District Business Association.

City Councilors placed the issue on the agenda at Thursday's meeting to hear comments regarding the renaming of the Brady Arts District. Many spoke out for changing the name, but no one there was in favor of keeping the district's name in place. 

"If we had known that was an association like that, I'm not certain we would have named the art district what it's named," said Fleischman.

But at least one Brady Arts District business owner thinks keeping the name could serve as a unique opportunity to unify Tulsans.

"I think I'd like the name to stay the same and know that he's turning over in his grave because it's not the same place he would have wanted it to be," said Janet Duvall, executive director of Tulsa Glassblowing school.

Tulsa City Councilors showed much sympathy for concerned citizens at Thursday's meeting but told them it wasn't up to the council to change the name of the district. That decision is up to the Brady Arts District Association.

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