Tulsa Public Schools considers sale of former elementary site; homeowners upset over possible sale

TULSA - Homeowners in three historic districts in midtown Tulsa are angry over Tulsa Public Schools proposal to sell the land where the old Barnard school used to stand.

Last week, the Tulsa Public Schools board decided to pull the agenda item to sell the vacant property after it set of a firestorm from homeowners in the Lewiston Gardens, Yorktown and Gillette Historic districts.

School officials organized a meeting Thursday night  to hear concerns and seek comments about a local developer's plans to build a medical rehabilitation center in the site of the former Barnard school.

TPS officials say they received a valid offer of $1.38 million for the vacant land.

Superintendent Keith Ballard says he think eventually selling the property is in the best interest of the school.

People in the three historic neighborhoods say they are not interested in nursing home eventually moving to the location.

"I was rather hoping that when they didn't decide to put another school on the property that they city would maybe turn it into a pocket park," homeowner Joan Thurman said.

The old Barnard School building was badly damaged in a early morning blaze on Sept. 5, 2012. At the time of the fire, TPS had leased the building to the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences.

Fire investigators determined that the cause of the fire was accidental. A few months later, the remains of the building were demolished.

TPS officials say they look to hold more forums on the discussion of the possible sale of the of old Barnard school location.

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