Tulsa Public Schools Board approves sale of old Barnard Elementary School site

TULSA - The Tulsa Public Schools Board has approved the sale of the old Barnard Elementary School site.

The school district will sell the property to Tulsa-based Lindsay Developments for $1.005 million.

Lindsay Developments plans to build 18 single-family homes on the property, near 17th and South Lewis Avenue, which has sat empty for more than a year.

The old school burned to the ground on Sept. 5, 2012.

Many neighbors in the area have voiced support for the redevelopment, specifically the proposal from Lindsay Developments, which was one of five that the school board considered.

"The historic neighborhood has so many lovely homes in it," said nearby resident Margaret Hope. "This is just going to add to the beauty of the whole area."

Some neighbors are concerned that the new construction could lead workers to tear down an old sweet gum tree on the old school's property.

"It's a landmark," Hope said.

Bob LaBass, executive director of bond projects with Tulsa Public Schools, said the future of the tree remains uncertain, however he is confident workers with Lindsay Developments will do their best to save it.

"It's a good feeling about it," LaBass said.

LaBass said Lindsay Developments still needs to finish surveying the property.

He believes construction should begin next year.

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