Tulsa Protestors react to Baby Veronica case; Many rally for Brown family

TULSA - Dozens of protestors lined up outside the the Governor's office in Tulsa Saturday to show their support for Baby Veronica and her biological father Dusten Brown. 

People supporting the Cherokee Nation say they're hoping to put an end to the Baby Veronica custody battle. They're hoping their protest in support of the biological father will help seal the deal in the fight for the almost four-year-old girl.

Cherokees say they want baby Veronica to stay within the tribal boundaries on Oklahoma soil. They tell 2News they believe their tribal sovereignty will be slowly ripped away from them,  if baby Veronica's adopted parents Matt and Melanie Capobianco, is able to take the baby back to South Carolina.

"I'm here today to assert our rights to keep the treaty. So many have been broken over the years that let's at least keep our word to keep our Indian children with our native people," Brenda Golden said.

The Cherokee Nation says they will continue to fight for Brown until Veronica is permanently back in the arms of her biological  father.



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