Tulsa police: Man dies after being hit by truck in south Tulsa street despite crowd's efforts

TULSA - A Tulsa construction worker died Wednesday evening after being hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Tulsa police say 59-year-old Patrick Boyle was hit by a black Chevy truck around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in front of the Cobblestone Apartments near 51st Street and Sheridan Avenue.

Boyle, a private contractor, was wearing a vest and was putting out cones.  Police believe the driver couldn't see the man because she was temporarily blinded by the setting sun.

By the time officers arrived, police say a crowd was gathered around Boyle, with some even attempting to give him CPR and placing the cones around the scene.

Boyle was transported to a local hospital where he died roughly an hour later.

No one has been arrested, but authorities interviewed the driver of the truck, who said she thought she had hit a cone. Traffic investigators are reviewing the accident.

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