Tulsa police make move in south Tulsa quadruple murder; 'more arrests' made

TULSA - Tulsa police have confirmed "more arrests" have been made in connection to Monday's quadruple murder at a south Tulsa apartment complex.

None of those arrested have been charged with the crime.

"As soon as someone is arrested for this crime, we will be the first to get it out because we want the public to know when we have this individual, or individuals, in custody," said officer Leland Ashley.

TPD's homicide unit began a public search for 33-year-old Joseph Tillman following the slayings, but was eliminated as a suspect shortly after.

Tillman, who was detained thanks to a Kansas arrest on an assault and battery warrant, reportedly knew one of the four women shot to death in the Fairmont Terrace apartment.

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Investigators have not released any further details on Friday's new development.

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