Tulsa police: 18-year-old girl fatally stabbed

TULSA - Tulsa police are investigating a fatal stabbing of a Will Rogers High School student.

Police say her mother walked into her home near 18th Street and North Atlanta Avenue just before 9 a.m. Saturday and found her 18-year-old daughter Gabrielle Bledsoe dead.

Gabby's family members grouped together just past the police tape while waiting anxiously for any information.

Teresa Releford, Gabby's grandmother, arrived at the scene Saturday morning. She just learned the news, then collapsed in the middle of the street.

"I don't know how to say it. I'm just asking God to give me strength right now to go through this," said Releford.

Releford learned of the stabbing while watching the morning news. She says she immediately started praying for the victim's family, little did she know it would hit so close to home.

"Lord don't let it be. That's all I kept saying. Lord don't let it be," Releford said.

Jasmine Burrela, Gabby's cousin, says she was always happy and just a few months away from graduating from Will Rogers High School. 

"She was the coolest, quiet, calm, fun to be around, energetic. She was just everything," Burrela said.

Police tell us her mom was stayed at a relative's house the night before she found her daughter's body.

Releford said, "It just doesn't seem fair. She had her life going for herself, talking about going to college. Now her life is cut short."

Officers believe the murder happened early Saturday morning. They questioned a 31-year-old-man who they called a "person of interest."  He has since been released.

Bledsoe's funeral is scheduled to take place March 9 at Crown Hill in Tulsa.

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