Josh Reynolds: Tulsa murder suspect claims self-defense, mercy killing with machete, cinder block

TULSA - A Tulsa man accused of murdering a woman with a machete early Thursday morning is claiming it was in self-defense, according to his booking report.

Joshua Reynolds was arrested around 7 a.m. Thursday after a woman's body was found lacerated and bludgeoned underneath a mattress in his backyard.

Police identified the woman as Melissa Lemery Thursday afternoon.

The document states Reynolds, 21, told police he met the 20-year-old at a strip club and joined back up with her at his home near Charles Page Boulevard and North 48th West Avenue once the business closed.

Reynolds said the two began to argue when he found her trying to steal from him, which led to her allegedly charging him, police say.

That action prompted Reynolds to grab a machete from a nearby wall and swing it to keep her back, according to the report. Reynolds said it wasn't until the fight spilled outside that he noticed she had been cut.

Reynolds said the woman quickly fell to the ground and struggled for breath. He then claimed to have dropped a cinder block on the woman's head to put her out of her misery.

The Tulsa man then rolled up the victim's body and hid it with a mattress in the backyard. 

Reynolds is due in court Friday.

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