Tulsa police arrest 2 more teens for allegedly shooting at drivers from apartment rooftop

TULSA - Two teens were booked into the Tulsa County Jail Friday for allegedly shooting at bystanders from a rooftop perch, only a day after a 16-year-old was first arrested for the crime.

Tulsa police were alerted to the area of North Utica and Pine when a man driving by reported being shot in arm Thursday afternoon. The bullet, which nearly traveled through his arm, narrowly missed bone and tendon.

Scott Burton said he heard a loud pop, immediately feeling a pain in his arm.

"If I had freaked when I got shot, it would have been an accident," he said. "Head-on collision and certainly someone would have died."

Police then spoke with a man working to open a new restaurant nearby, who said he'd been hearing pops 20 to 30 every day for the last several weeks. He said he'd assumed they were fireworks.

Outside his building, he and the officers found a bullet hole in a family member's car. The officers then went across the street to an apartment complex, where they discovered a makeshift sniper's nest, complete with a .22-caliber rifle, 13 shell casings and suitcases on the first story roof of the building.

Officers say the 16-year-old arrested Thursday and the two others -- aged 15 and 16 -- since detained, skipped classes at McLain High School and hiding behind the suitcases, would shoot at anyone driving by.

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