Tulsa planners hope to upgrade bus system

TULSA - Tulsa area planners say they want to upgrade Tulsa's public transportation with Rapid Bus Transit.

"It's a technology that's a lot like light rail, where instead of having just stops, regular stops on bus route, you actually have stations,"  said Transportation Projects Coordinator James Wagner.

The faster bus service costs $1 million a mile, compared to $20 million per mile for light rail.

The plan covers 15 miles along or near Peoria Avenue.

"This bus route right now is at capacity.  Many times during the day where they're literally not able to pick up anymore passengers because it's so full.  It's standing room only, and so we think this is a solution that really makes a lot of fiscal sense and that really is something that can move Tulsa into the 21st century in terms of public transportation," Wagner said.

The first of three public forums on the proposal is scheduled for Tuesday morning from 8 a.m. to noon at the Denver Transit Station in downtown Tulsa.

INCOG has also scheduled an informational meeting for Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the South Brooke Church of Christ at 38th Street and Peoria Avenue.

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