Tulsa missionary visits Egypt during intense violence; returns to tell story

TULSA - A Tulsa missionary is back from Egypt, where he spent several days during the intense violence stemming from the country's political crisis.

Russell Adams is the founder of XploreNations.com Bible College.

Earlier this month, he traveled to Egypt to attend a conference and to take part in the school's graduation. On his way to Cairo, however, the school's director called him to say the violence was too widespread and the graduation was canceled. The director encouraged Adams to cancel his trip, but the missionary refused to do so. "I said, I'm not cancelling this trip," he said. "I'm coming to show our students, the Egyptian people, how much we love them, how much God loves them and how much they mean to us."

The school's graduation has been rescheduled and Adams plans on being in Egypt for the ceremony. He will return to Cairo in about 10 days, and he's optimistic the ceremony will happen. He said, "I feel like we'll be able to go through with it, but there are possibilities that we may have to call it off."

Adams says the violence will not keep him from returning. "I'm willing to risk my life. I'm willing to die," said Adams. "I'm ready to go again and if I have to go a third time or a fourth time, just to get this fourth year batch graduated, I'm ready to do it."

This upcoming trip will be the 18th time Adams visits Egypt.



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