Tulsa mayor hosts televised forum on Fairmont Terrace Apartment quadruple murder

TULSA - Tulsa's grisliest murder scene of the young year will be at the heart of a televised forum hosted by Mayor Dewey Bartlett Tuesday.

READ: '4 found dead, shot inside Fairmont Terrace Apartments' (http://bit.ly/Fairmontdeaths)

Panel members will include Bartlett and Deputy Tulsa Police Chief Dennis Larsen, as well as Marshall Elementary's principal and an Oral Roberts professor.

The forum will be recorded "live to tape" and will be televised at a later date on Tulsa Community College TV, Cox Channel 21, and TGOV, Tulsa Government Television, Cox Channel 24., Cox On Demand and Video On Demand at togovonline.org.

So far police have made several arrests connected to the homicide at Fairmont Terrace Apartments, naming witnesses and persons of interest, but two weeks later no one has been officially charged with murder and police still have no motive.

"I think everybody wants that quick fix and in this case it's just not going to be it. It's going to be a lot of dogged investigation," said TPD Sgt. Dave Walker.

You can call (918) 596-COPS to report anonymous tips on the crime.

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