Tulsa Mayor and city councilors create 2013 wish list

TULSA - Tulsa City Councilors and Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Jr. are deciding what they must accomplish in 2013.

The team spent four hours in a midtown Tulsa cafe Saturday morning going through 28 pages and narrowing down their goals for this year.

Their options include "develop the economy" and "beautify Tulsa" but councilors say topping their list are transportation and public safety.

"This is what we want to do for Tulsa in five years. If we don't start today, what we want to happen in five years, won't ever happen," said District 8 Councilor Phil Lakin.

Councilors want more police officers on the streets which means adding another police academy each year and upgrading 25-year-old software. With the upgrades, officers say they could quickly write arrest reports and book inmates, getting them back on the streets faster.

Councilor Jeanie Cue said she wants to create a task force to improve safety in the 61st and South Peoria area- specifically Fairmont Terrace Apartments where four women were fatally shot.

Councilors also say they want to improve Tulsa's transportation.

They would add lit crosswalks on Cherry Street, where a pedestrian recently lost her life. They also want buses running every 15 minutes on Peoria from Downtown Tulsa to south Tulsa.

"We didn't do it last year on a lot of those things. We have a bureaucratic system we have to go through. There are a lot of people and opinions involved. What happens is, you throw a bunch of stuff at a wall and some of it sticks. Then you come back the next year and do it again," said District 4 Councilor Blake Ewing.

To make sure the goals stick, Councilor Lakin is asking to act on one goal at each week's meeting.

As Councilor G.T. Bynum puts it, "I want to have one heck of a success list this time next year."

Ewing says he also wants to focus on attracting young creative minds. His goal is creating a public art space for anyone to freely paint without going through all the approval.

Councilors are putting together a tax extension package in the next few weeks to help achieve city improvements.

The tax package will likely go to voters sometime this year.


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