Tulsa mayor candidates: Will Dewey Bartlett and Kathy Taylor take oath of transparency if elected?

TULSA - If you had the chance to ask Dewey Bartlett or Kathy Taylor about their vision for Tulsa, what would you ask?

That was what we posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages on Oct. 9 and 11.

And we were flooded with a lot of questions.

The candidates agreed to answer five questions from our users and we gave them two minutes to answer each one.

Nuke LaLoosh asked this on Facebook:

To Both candidates: Our country has been overrun with people who are voted into office, and then use that position for personal gain, rather than to truly help the people that put them there. Are either of you willing to take an oath of transparency and accountability to your citizens?

By the way, Nuke LaLoosh is a reference to the character in the movie Bull Durham played by Tim Robbins.

Dewey Bartlett said his transparency is very well-known and documented.

"There's an organization called the Sunset Review Committee and they analyze municipalities throughout the country on an annual basis," said Bartlett. "Ever since I've been mayor, we've consistently been given a rating of A to A+."

Kathy Taylor said her Back to Basics plan outlines exactly what she'll do to be more transparent.

"If someone makes an open records request, we post it online for everyone else to get. We'd make sure that not just the budget is online, but the spending, and to whom the contracts are going so that you know there are no backroom deals going on," said the former mayor.

You can see the other answers to your questions by going to www.kjrh.com/mayor2013. The candidates talk about keeping and attracting businesses, decreasing crime, high-speed rail service and road construction.

Election day is Nov. 12.

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