Tulsa man arrested after altercation with neighbor results in partial scalping, loss of ear

TULSA - A Tulsa man beat his neighbor so brutally Sunday night that he left the man bloodied, partially scalped and without an ear, according to police. 

John Jennings, 57, remains hospitalized in stable condition after a reported altercation with 30-year-old Calvin Leroy Bakel, who police say used an iron rod to strike him. 

Jennings' wife says her husband was defending their grandchildren from Bakel's dog outside their home when the beating occurred.  

"Well, this guy took one of our tiki torches up, which was iron, and started beating him with it," said Peggy Walls, the neighbor lodged between Jennings and Bakel's homes. "And took off part of his ear and part of his scalp."

Bakel, arrested shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and maiming. 

Bakel, who previously served several years in prison on drug charges, is scheduled to appear in court March 11 for the incident.

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