Tulsa Girls Art School get attention after being vandalized; community bands together

TULSA - A Tulsa art school is getting national attention, but not for their work. It's after Twitter and Facebook posts about a disappointing event went viral.

Tulsa Girls Art School Director Matt Moffett said a criminal threw rocks through two of their windows overnight Wednesday. Moffett said when he heard about the damage and his assistant text messaged photos he immediately uploaded the pictures to Facebook and let his followers know.

"You know, it ticks me off. I don't understand why people d o this senseless violence," Moffett said.  "They didn't break in, we do have an alarm system -- it didn't go off."

Although a senseless act, Moffett is trying to make sense of what happened. He said within just two hours people donated more than $400, including one donation coming in from Washington D.C.

" I'm just still blown away. Within minutes someone tweeted it and so many people are responding," Moffett said. "I think I'm going to train my staff on Twitter!"

By the end of Wednesday, $900 was raised for the school. The glass repairman charged $800 to replace both windows. Moffett said the extra $100 goes back to the girls for art supplies.

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