Tulsa County DA files motion connecting man to Fairmont Terrace murders as 'person of interest'

TULSA - A person of interest has been named in last week's south Tulsa's apartment murders in which four women were killed.

The Tulsa County District Attorney's Office filed a motion Tuesday that the bond be raised for Freddie Allen Hayes, a 32-year-old Tulsa man arrested Friday for carrying a concealed weapon, trespassing and two counts of possession of a controlled and dangerous substance.

Hayes is believed to be "at a minimum" a witness in the Fairmont Terrace murders, according to a court document. If the motion is approved, Hayes' bond would be raised to $250,000.

He is currently being held on $11,000.

The mother of victims Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Melchor said she is cautiously optimistic now that a person of interest is behind bars.

"It's the only thing we have to smile about right now ... I don't want to get too excited again and then let down, because I've been let down so much within the last week," said Charon Powell.

Powell said Hayes was Rebeika's boyfriend and that they started dating six weeks ago.

In a phone interview, Hayes' sister Brittany Hayes expressed disbelief at the allegations against her brother.

"He's a really loving person, he's protective of people," she said. "He wouldn't ever cause any harm to anybody ... He couldn't possibly have killed anybody."

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A source tells 2NEWS several others in TPD custody are "persons of interest." A reliable source also said the investigators are awaiting results of several key pieces of evidence related to the crime.

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