Tulsa County's overcrowded David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center won't take more municipal prisoners

TULSA - Record overcrowding at the Tulsa jail has caused the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office to no longer accept municipally charged prisoners.

Tulsa County sheriff Stanley Glanz reports the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center held 1,926 inmates as of Friday morning. The jail only has 1,714 beds.

"We don't have the clothing, the bedding, the blankets, the food [or] the medical providers," said TCSO Maj. Shannon Clark.

Clark says the problem has persisted since August, and for a part of the year that's generally slower for law enforcement, he says it's only gotten worse. A "perfect storm," he calls it. 

An increase in violent crime and a poor economy have served as contributing factors to the jail's congestion, Clark says.

Tulsa police spokeswoman Jill Roberson says the new holding restrictions will also affect TPD officers. Before, Roberson says they would arrest a person for something like driving without a license or having several misdemeanor warrants.

Not now, says Roberson.

"We will have to essentially let them go if we do not have another charge that we can place on them that will be a state charge," she said.

Clark says he doesn't know when the jail's overcrowding will be resolved.

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