Tulsa County power outages affecting thousands, may be out for days

TULSA - Public Service Company of Oklahoma has said that it may take several days to restore power to all of its customers.

Early Wednesday morning, PSO reported more than 82,000 customers in just Tulsa County were without power. PSO's president said there was around 100,000 outages at its peak.

PHOTO GALLERY of damage around northeast Oklahoma (http://bit.ly/july24storm)

With the utility company saying it make take days to repair the lines combined with the excessive heat Green Country is experiencing, it leaves many asking what they should do.

REPORT YOUR OUTAGE - Call PSO at 1-888-218-3919. Don't assume they know your power is out. PSO may not be aware that yours is out unless you call. PSO suggests you call back every 12 hours until your power
is restored. This helps them update their records of customers who are still out.


HOW DOES PSO PRIORITIZE TURNING POWER BACK ON - The top priority is to safeguard the public from any power lines downed by the storm. Another initial priority is to re-energize any affected vital community services such as hospitals, water and sewer facilities, and police and fire stations. Then, PSO restores lines that bring power to the largest number of homes and businesses. In the final stage of restoration they concentrate on individual lines.

IF YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME - Turn on your porch light switch and try to check your house each day to see if power to your neighborhood and your house has been restored. If all of your neighbors have power but you still don't, call PSO right away to report your continued outage. It's not uncommon for a single customer to have an individualized problem after the widespread outage has been eliminated.

COOLING STATIONS - There are four main cooling locations for anyone in the Tulsa area who does not have access to air conditioning.

The Salvation Army Center of Hope
102 N. Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103
Open 24/7

John 3:16 Mission
506 N. Cheyenne
Tulsa, Okla. 74103
Open 24/7

Tulsa County Social Services Cooling station
2401 Charles Page Blvd.
Tulsa OK 74127
Open 8:30 am - 8:00 pm

Dennis R. Neill Equality Center
621 East 4th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120
Open Noon to 9 pm 7-days a week

Crosstown Church of Christ
3400 E. Admiral Place
9:30am – 8:00pm Wednesday

FOOD - Food and beverages will keep longer during an outage if you keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed. A fully loaded freezer can keep foods frozen up to 48 hours without electricity. Avoid opening the door. If you open the door, the food will thaw and spoil faster. PSO is not liable for spoiled food or other financial losses caused by such interruptions.

WHAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT - With overhead service, the customer's responsibility for electric service starts at the weatherhead; with underground service, the customer's responsibility starts at the meter base (also called the "meter can"). PSO is responsible for service up to the weatherhead or meter base. In all instances, the customer is responsible for the structure's electrical wiring. The electric meter is PSO's property.

PSO Customer Solutions Center

To report an outage: 1-888-218-3919

Customer service: 1-888-216-3523

STORM UPDATES: Power, closures and damage reports (http://bit.ly/17Cyyea)


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