Tulsa City Council votes 7-1 to change controversial Brady Street to M.B. Brady, Reconciliation Way

TULSA - The Tulsa street that has garnered negative attention for being named after KKK member Tate Brady has been changed -- at least partially --  to honor a man of the same last name.

Mathew B. Brady, a famous Civil War photographer, will soon become the new namesake for Brady Street after Tulsa city councilors voted 7-1 in favor of the re-naming Thursday night.

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The street will also be known as Reconciliation Way, similar to 15th Street's Cherry Street title. Both measures were proposed by Councilor Blake Ewing as an amendment to Councilor Jack Henderson's motion to replace Brady Street with Burlington Street.

District 3 Councilor David Patrick was the lone "no" vote.

The decision was met with general disappointment from many of those in attendance. During the community reaction portion of the meeting, one man likened the city's struggle over Brady Street to the South's entangled relationship with the Confederate flag.

Another said the name change isn't actually a change at all.

"With all due respect, it's a distinction with no difference," he said. 

Ewing himself described the last-minute amendment as a compromise, but spoke plainly about his feelings that the Burlington change wouldn't have been voted for by the current council.

"This would have failed ... put yourselves in our shoes for five seconds," Ewing told those in attendance. "Let that make you upset. It makes me upset."

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The vote was initially slated for last Thursday but was tabled after a 4-4 gridlock appeared imminent.

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