Tulsa boy Oggie Johnson wins dinner at the White House with Tacos de Carmaron recipe

TULSA - A 10-year-old boy will represent Oklahoma at the White House this July for the Kids' State Dinner after winning the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge from Epicurious.

Over 1,300 kids across America entered the recipe contest, which is part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" initiative.

One winner was selected from each state.

Oggie Johnson, who attends Zarrow International Elementary School in Tulsa, was selected as the winner from Oklahoma.

His dish, Tacos de Camaron, won rave reviews from the judges.

"I'm going to the White House in Washington, D.C. and I'm meeting the President's wife, Michelle Obama," said Oggie.

Oggie's passion for cooking started at the age of 7 and with a little nudge from his mother, Rain Johnson.

"I found this contest on epicurious.com. Epicurious is a really great website that has recipes and tips for people who like to cook," said Rain Johnson.

Oggie is only allowed to take one parent to the dinner with him in July.

"One of the sad things was picking which parent to go with," he said. "I chose my mom because ... I don't know. She's my mom!"

The kids' state dinner will be held on July 9.

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