Superfan kicks up excitement for Tulsa Athletics

TULSA - The Tulsa Athletics soccer club has created quite the fan base. And with all fan bases, there are sure to be some hardcore fans.

Steve Richardson is one of those ultra-fans that is devoted to his favorite team. Richardson's main job as a superfan is to try and help get the word out about the Athletics.

"My goal isn't just to sell tickets," Richardson said. "My goal is to spread the word."

2News rode along with Richardson while he braved the 99-degree heat with no A/C in his car to try and get the word out about the Athletics' upcoming playoff game.

Richardson made sure to stop by Tulsa Youth Services to give away 30 tickets for this this weekend's game.

Along the way, he stopped by local businesses to sell tickets and build enthusiasm for the team.

"I think that this means so much more for a person to come up to you and actually talk about it," Richardson said. 

Watch the video above to see Richardson's complete journey around Tulsa and to purchase your own tickets go here.

If using your mobile device, you can view the video here.

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