Tulsa Animal Welfare officers urging pet owner to keep their dogs safe during extreme heat

TULSA - Tulsa Animal Welfare officers are urging pet owners to pay more attention to their dogs in the heat.

Officers have responded to numerous calls of pets being left out in the extreme heat without water or shade and in the past 24 hours officers say they have responded to four dog deaths.  They attribute the dogs' deaths to lack of proper care in the extreme heat.

Officers say three of those dogs were tied to a chain, which got tangled up and prevented the animals from reaching water or shade. A fourth dog was taken in alive by officers but died shortly after.

Pet owners are urged not to chain up their dogs if they are left outside. They should have plenty of fresh water and shade during the heat of the day. If you don't have a fenced yard, leave the animal with someone who does.

If you see an animal in your neighborhood that's in trouble call officers at 918-596-8000.


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