Tulsa Alliance for Engineering's Fab Lab summer camp teaches kids to build their own skateboards

You will find all brands of skateboards with names like Alien Workshop, Zero, and even Tony Hawk, but Fab Lab Tulsa is teaching kids how to make their own.

The summer camp is hosting nearly two dozen kids at River Skate Park.

The campers, 22 middle and high school students, use hammers, drills and wrenches to build skateboards just the way they want them.

"Buying your own, you wouldn't get to enjoy having what you want on yours. You would have to have what somebody else liked and put on it," said Lynleigh Eccles.

The camp is put on by the Tulsa Alliance for Engineering and aims to get kids interested in engineering.

"They're learning planning, they're learning creative thinking, critical thinking, all in one really fun project," said coordinator Xan Black.

Each student is given a piece of wood and from there they create their board.

"I like that it gives you something to do, instead of just sitting on the couch, and playing video games or watching movies, you actually get outside and do something," said Lynleigh.

Black said she's impressed with what the students have been able to create and she believes it could help them as they move on after school.

"Just amazed at how you could give 20 kids a chunk of wood, and they would produce 20 beautiful boards, each one of them completely different, and they're working side-by-side. Who knows what this experience will build into their future?," she said.

Lynleigh agrees.

"I think I'll be more motivated to ride a skateboard now that it's my own, and I know how it was made."

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