Green Country Catholics celebrate Pope Francis' inaugural mass

TULSA - Green Country Catholics are celebrating the installation of Pope Francis, just in time for Easter.

Daily masses across the area will have a special meaning as believers celebrate a new beginning for the church.

Overnight in St. Peter's Square barricades were set up in preparation for the thousands of followers who wanted to witness the installation first hand.

People have traveled from half-way across the world to celebrate at the square outside of the Vatican, many of them from his native country of Argentina.

Those in Green Country who could not attend will be watching it closely on their television screens.  Others will celebrate with prayer at their local parishes.

The leader of the Tulsa Diocese says it is a special moment for those on this side of the world.

"He represents a whole new continent, 40 percent of catholics in the world live in S. America, Central and South Americas,"  Bishop Edward J. Slattery said last week.

The special inauguration mass is at noon and will be lead by Bishop Slattery at the Holy Family Cathedral in downtown Tulsa.

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