TSA seized 14 firearms, including grenade at Tulsa International Airport in 2012

TULSA - The Transportation Security Administration said the number of passengers trying to board airplanes with guns reached a record in 2012.

The security agency said it confiscated more than 1,500 firearms from passengers nationwide.

According to TSA data, 14 firearms, including one grenade, were confiscated from travelers at Tulsa International Airport last year.

A few days before Thanksgiving someone tried to get a fake land mine passed security and aboard a plane at TIA, according to the TSA.

More recently, on the day after Christmas, the agency said a passenger at TIA tried to get a handgun through security.

The incidents are listed on TSA's blog, which is updated weekly.

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Some passengers 2News spoke to found the reports troubling.

"It's a little unsettling to know given all these advances in security you can still have people have weapons at the airport)," said passenger Shawn Grant.

Other passengers said it shows the security measures put in place at airports after 9/11 are working.

"They found them. They didn't get far with them did they? Great job," said passenger John Hughes.

An examination of TSA's data shows 12 weapons recovered at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City in 2012.

Neither of Oklahoma's major airports ranked near the top of the list for the number of seized firearms.

Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta had the greatest number of seizures, followed by DFW.

A spokesperson for Tulsa International Airport declined to comment on this story.

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